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I was raised in a Christian home and my family was faithful to church each week. During a week-long revival, at our church (Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church) camp in July of 1999, I received the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour at the age of 15. The same day that I was saved (July 20) I surrendered to be a missionary to wherever the Lord would send me. During my 2002 summer break at Bible school (Pensacola Bible Institute) a friend and I took a survey trip to the country of Ukraine. Having talked with an older gentleman, from school, whose son-in-law had been in and out of Ukraine since 1993, the Lord gave us direction as to where to visit. While in Ukraine we visited with Missionary Chris Rue for 31 days. Though God gave no clear direction, at that time, the place and people of the Ukraine were clearly on my mind. Two years (2004) later, through preaching and Bible reading, I knew what God wanted me to do so I began preparing for deputation to head over to Ukraine to work with Brother Chris Rue. In 2006, while on deputation, I met Miss Sarah Long at a meeting in Lupton, Michigan and some months later she became my bride and joined me on my journey to the Ukraine. Shortly after we were married we left for Ukraine for eight and one-half months as a survey trip as well as some language study. When we returned we headed out on the deputation trail and in July of 2010 we left for Ukraine with our daughter Calah. Our current plans are to stay in the city of Rozdilna and work with Brother Rue and wait upon the Lord for further direction.

I was raised in a Christian home and my parents were faithful to church and in their service to God so I had a good example of how to serve the Lord. I was saved at the early age of six. During our home church's (Bible Baptist Church, Lupton, MI.) annual missionaries conference in March of 1998, at the age of 13, I surrendered to serve the Lord as a missionary wherever He chose for me. Until I met Casey, I served the Lord in my home church in whatever capacity I could; volunteering at our Christian radio station, teaching Sunday School, playing the piano, singing in choir, helping to clean the church, etc. After my high school graduation (2003) I attended our local community college and after three years received an associate's degree in Physical Science.

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